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December 8, 2012
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Tibumeru :: Ray NOW WITH AMNESIA by NotDamien Tibumeru :: Ray NOW WITH AMNESIA by NotDamien
:icontibumeru: Application. The group focuses on Character Development, as well as skill developments. You do not need to be an artist to join. "ART BY" is added so that people who can't draw, can get someone else to do it for them. We do not punish for inactivity, only reward for activity !

Other References;;
Flat Color
Species + Flat Color.

EDIT:: Updated History ! HUGE change !
EDIT:: Level up ! Lv. 66.

★ Character Description !
:bulletblack: Known Name ;; Ray (STING RAY)
:bulletblack: Unknown Real Name ;; George (Yuriy) Chernobyl
:bulletblack: Gender ;; Boy
:bulletblack: Appears ;; 19
:bulletblack: Actual Age;; 21
:bulletblack: Personality ;; Professional Asshole, Cocky, Stupidly Fearless, Rude, Inconsiderate, easily excited, && not above bribing.
:bulletblack: Personality Details ;; Dishonest to himself, and everyone around him. He's too prideful to say 'thank you' or 'sorry', and doesn't understand the fuzzy feelings he gets. He won't admit liking anyone, even if he totally falls in-love with them. Stupid pride plays a big part in his stupid fearlessness. He knows how to get what he wants. Manipulation is his thing. Ray will use any method to get what he wants, from lying, faking kindness, flirting, all the way to threatening and blackmail.
Ray is veryveryVERY slowly trying to improve his personality. He wants to be the best Boss there is. He's getting better at controlling anger and other inappropriate behavior around people he knows, but will harass people he doesn't know to the point where anyone would wanna jump off a bridge.
:bulletblack: Other things ;;
- Doesn't understand sarcasm.
- Sometimes has a little remorse over his actions, but will never apologize.
- Can't seem to harass girls.
- Rather generous for being so greedy. May give away little pieces of jewelry. Things of little to no value. May give more if he feels it will be beneficial to him.
- Wouldn't leave another behind, unless fire or a really really big car was involved. He can't get over his fears instantly.
- Despite killing humans, he would not torture them. He finds them rather sickening.
- Can't take it when people cry, and will do almost anything to make it stop.
- Would fetch fish for food or healing for another if he felt it would benefit him.
- Couldn't hurt cats
- Couldn't harass kids, or harm them. But would still make a terrible parent.
- Protective over his possessions, so he may protect one of his followers.
- Unlikely to kill on land without a point to prove.
:bulletblack: Hobbies ;; Looting && wrecking ships.
:new: :bulletblack: History ;; Inspired by his uncontrollable greed for more, he left home to conquer the whole fucking world. Surprisingly enough, he had been successful in capturing Japan with his crew. Sadly though, he was taken before he could celebrate their victory. There, he made a dumb move and practically handed himself over to them, where a series of tests under powerful sedatives took place. These sedatives somehow managed to make him forget nearly a year of his life. Anyone who he had recruited, he no longer recalls recruiting. As far as he's aware, he just woke up to the day where he began recruiting for his cause.
:bulletblack: Bad Habits, or Specific Traits ;;
-- Really really short. 5'4''.
-- Hates clothes. Would much rather scamper around naked. Mainly wears his basic ripped outfit.
-- Constantly Cursing.
-- Switches "your" with "yo'".
-- a bit ghetto.
-- Has very bad vision, smell, and hearing. He goes about by temperature changes, and by feeling/tasting things.
-- Has the speaking style of an English person, with a slight Russian accent.
-- Notices small temperature changes better than others, he can sometimes even catch mood changes in others with their temperature, due to living in freezing temperatures most of his life.
-- Despite being as touchy as he is, he hates being touched or hugged.
-- So thin, it's kinda gross. Ribs && Spine show. Stomach caves in, hipbones show.
-- When he gets frustrated and can't destroy the cause, he claws at himself in frustration.
-- Loves the taste of Tibumeru. If for whatever reason he kills one, he will eat its remains.
-- In moments of any real passion, he's rather violent. He'll cut, scratch, and bite. He absolutely loves the taste of Tibumeru blood, and it's at these times where can get it from the one he wants without having to kill them.
:bulletblack: Legend ;; Believes in there being an "Ultimate One" who put Tibumeru on the earth to replace humanity.
:bulletblack: Theme Song ;;
Nobody Likes Me - Deuce
Cray Button - Family Force 5
Teach Me How To Scream - BrokeNCYDE
:bulletblack: Extra ;;
- Leader in the rebel Tibumeru movement.

★ Status !
:bulletblack: Lv. 66
:bulletblack: HP ;; :star: 20
:bulletblack: ATTACK ;; :star: 22
:bulletblack: DEFENSE ;; :star: 18
:bulletblack: SPEED ;; :star: 20
:bulletblack: INTELLIGENCE ;; :star: 12
+ADMIN (Gets 25:star: to start with.)

:bulletblack: Weakest Stat; Defense.
:bulletblack: Strongest Stat; Attack.

★ =NotDamien's RP Style !
:bulletblack: Preferred RP Style :: Paragraph
:bulletblack: Method Of RP :: Preferably Notes.
:bulletblack: Other RP Style :: Script is okay. I'll sometimes go into chat when I'm not busy.
:bulletblack: Do you mind starting the RP ? :: I don't mind.
:bulletblack: What are you not comfortable with ? :: Explicit Intimacy, Cyber Sex grosses me out.
:bulletblack: Language :: Only English.
:bulletblack: Extra :: I spam spell check like there's no tomorrow. I cannot understand chat speak.
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So that's Ray
J1enX Mar 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Wooaah- just noticed something- call me slow but they're union flags-
Ray you hate the ships from England?! ;u;

XD Never commented on it so heres the time-
Nah. He wears those proud. e v e He hates any boats.

J1enX Mar 11, 2013  Student General Artist
He better be proud - Union is awesome!!
English pride XD


StealTheFlaaagss //shotdead
tawnykit1999 Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Got to say i love his union flags, its just epic u v u
tawnykit1999 Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem
EhX-KoR Feb 8, 2013  Student General Artist
ooh badass cannibal tibumeru O3o~
That's my boy u v u
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